Kyoshi Bryan Carter (5th dan)

Kyoshi Bryan Carter started training in Seido karate in 1991 in Aoraki Mount Cook. His wife (Jun Shihan Bu Windsor) had moved to the village in 1990 from Auckland. Jun Shihan Bu was a Nidan at the time and started a dojo in the village. As they were by then a couple, Bryan decided that it would be a good idea to start training.

In 1997, after six years of training, Kyoshi Bryan and Senpai Chris Bellringer became the dojo's first home-grown black belts. Since then he has trained regularly in NZ, and overseas, and promoted to Godan (5th dan) in 2014.


Kyoshi Bryan and Jun Shihan Bu have trained extensively in other dojos, including a number of trips to Honbu.


Kyoshi Bryan has been teaching since green belt, and prefers a relaxed style in which learning is foremost. He assists with Jun Shihan Bu’s Wednesday 5.30 black belt class and takes the Tuesday night 7:00 pm Nidan and Sandan class. On the physical side his teaching has an emphasis on the full range of syllabus, precision and efficiency. He also encourages students to take a wider view of the meaning of Seido Karate training.


Kyoshi Bryan’s background is as a mountain guide and he spent 38 years at Aoraki Mount Cook, before he and Jun Shihan Bu moved to Christchurch early in 2012.





Kyoshi Bryan Carter

(5th Dan)