Kyoshi Kim Moore (5th dan)

Kyoshi Kim started Seido Karate as a teenager in 1983, and was the 3rd in his family to join Christchurch Shibu, with brothers Kent and Glen already training and going on to Sandan and Shodan black belts respectively.


Kyoshi Kim has won national titles in:  Kumite, Kata and Weapons Kata.


The Saturday sparring class runs from 10 – 11am and is for senior grades from Green to Black Belts.


Kyoshi Kim’s goal with the class is to aid students to learn sparring in a safe environment while still being tested. Students need to know their safety is paramount and the sparring at a fair level for their age, size and skill however bumps and bruises are part of the experience.


The classes are high work rate, and cover a wide range of skills training to broaden students capabilities and confidence. Numerous guest instructors share their knowledge, and inter-club relationships have been fostered with other martial art styles where mutual respect can allow for integrated training from time to time.


To try and meet the needs of many levels of ability and physical expectation, Kyoshi Kim’s emphasis is on keeping the intensity high for all, however providing a graduation in contact level across the dojo floor so “full contact” students can work one end while “speed/agility” students work the other. Then students can also move around and test themselves in each area as they feel fit.


Kyoshi Kim is currently the Men’s Club Captain for Christchurch Shibu.