Senpai Lucy Allender (1st Dan)

Senpai Lucy began her karate journey with the Seido Karate Christchurch Shibu in 2008 alongside her older brother, Senpai Jake Allender and her father, Kyoshi John Allender. She then graduated from brown belt to black belt on April 20th 2015 at the age of 15, making her currently one of the youngest black belts within the Christchurch Seido karate community.


Children's classes in which Lucy teaches are on a Friday from 4:15pm - 5:15pm. These classes are for senior students who are then able to continue training from 5:15pm - 6pm with Senpai George who instructs sparring techniques. Lucy is helped by Senpai George and is mentored by Senpai Cheryl Porter (who currently helps to develop Lucy's skills as an instructor).


Incorporating her youth into her classes has become a instrumental skill to her development as an instructor. Currently being one of the youngest black belts instructors has helped her to better relate to the children that participate in Friday night classes. She is able to connect and understand the majority of the challenges the children may face during class - enabling her to help others overcome such adversity.


Friday night classes provide both a safe and comfortable environment that children are able to thrive in, not only physically but mentally. The class focuses on sustaining the children with a fun environment where they can look forward to training every week.