Senpai Nick Weir (1st Dan)

Senpai Nick started training in 2001, attending the Sunday morning children class. After attending this same children’s class for ten years, witnessing four head instructors come and go, he inherited the honour of leading the kids’ class when in 2011 he was promoted to Shodan.


Over the last five years he has continued to teach, making the class his own while reincorporating many of the aspects of when he first started training many Sundays ago. The fifteen years of training has developed Nick into the person he is today. It has taught him discipline and respect, two elements that he teaches the pupils that attend his class.


While he believes respect and discipline are important elements of the martial arts, his core values are making sure that children are having fun and gaining strength. He believes that too many of his country's young people are giving up on sport and physical activity because of the pressures put on them and the lack of enjoyment they are achieving. It is his philosophy when teaching that he must create a safe and fun environment where strength, respect and discipline can be achieved alongside enjoyment.


The Sunday children’s class 10:00am -11:00am is open to kids of all ages. The class will generally focus around syllabus and promoting physical strength, but games and other fun activities are often incorporated to create an exciting enjoyable environment.