Sensei Paul Hopkinson (4th dan)

Sensei Paul started training in Nelson in 1982, has trained mainly in Nelson and Christchurch under Hanshi Renzie Hanham and Hanshi Andy Barber. Also spent three years training in Wellington under Sei Shihan Ben Otang and ten and half months living and training in Japan. He developed an increasing interest in ground work and grappling in the last few years.


Sensei Paul, along with Senpai Gary Ballantyne, runs both Ground Work classes as well as early morning Conditioning classes.

Tuesday ground work class (5-6pm back dojo): This is class is designed to develop some basic ground work skills, conditioning and fitness.


Thursday (6.15am) morning class: Conditioning class containing focus mitt and pad training and some grappling and transition to the ground and ground work techniques with stretching and partner stretching at the end.