Kyoshi Richard Phillips (5th dan)

Kyoshi Richard began his training in 1988 under the watchful eye of Senpai Kent Moore. Of the 48 people who started in his beginners class, he is one of just two karete-ka still actively training. Kyoshi sat his Shodan grading in 1995. He has trained at Honbu in New York and throughout many dojo around the South island.


Kyoshi Richard assists Hanshi in Monday 6:00pm – 7:00pm beginner class. He is a font of knowledge regarding the history of karate in general, Seido Karate in particular, along with the background of the Christchurch Seido Shibu.


Kyoshi expects student to be ‘present’ in class, wanting to improve their karate, and always trying to do their best. Kyoshi believes that all students are able to develop their skills in a supportive and safe environment, guided by the many black belts who attend the beginners class.