Kyoshi Scott Taylor (5th dan)

Kyoshi started training in 1987 at the Christchurch Shibu under Hanshi Renzie Hanham. His beginning instructor was Senpai Andrew Sparks, green belt instructor Sei Shihan Harry Roeloefs, and brown belt instructor was Sei Shihan Neil Mathieson. He graded to Shodan (1st Dan) in 1993, and to Kyoshi (5th Dan) in 2013

In 1990, Kyoshi gained third place in the Seido National Tournament in brown belt kumite. He also competed in three Nelson tournaments throughout the period of 1987 – 1990.


Kyoshi has been teaching for 25 years. He took Wednesday night class for ten years, taking over from his big brother, Jun Shihan Grant. Prior to this, as a 1st kyu, he took the  yellow belt Saturday morning class.


Kyoshi has been taking Thursday Night General Class 6:00pm – 7:oopm for many years. This class focuses on good etiquette, strong form, training hard, having a bit of fun, and enjoying your fellow karateka.