Kyoshi Tamara Saxon (5th dan)

Kyoshi Tamara began Seido Karate in Nelson under Hanshi Andy Barber in

1991. She gained Shodan in December 1996.


After moving to Christchurch in 1997 to train as a primary teacher, she continued to train under Hanshi Renzie Hanham.


She has trained and competed in New Zealand, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Jamaica and won numerous titles including a world title in 1996.


At her most recent national tournament she won the division in both Black belt kumite and Masters kata.


Kyoshi Tamara gained promotion to Godan (Kyoshi)  in 2014, and has taught kata class on a Saturday morning 9:15am for almost ten years.


Yellow belt and above attend kata class and it is always great to have the support of senior students. All kata syllabus is covered with particular focus on form and technique.