Kyoshi Tony Cope (5th dan)

Kyoshi Tony started in Seido Karate in Dunedin at the Anzac Ave dojo in 1980. One of 4 brothers, all of whom have studied karate with three attaining Black Belt levels.


Kyoshi’s head instructors were Senpai Wayne Hanley and Sei Shihan Ben Otang, both from Kyokushinkai lineage. His beginner’s instructor was Senpai Paul Glendenning who was a very determined instructor, getting the best from his students.


Kyoshi gained green belt before moving to Christchurch in 1983 at 15 years old. Training in Christchurch Shibu under Hanshi Renzie he was awarded Shodan in 1985.


After a time in Australia where he trained with Sensei Mervyn Nellis he returned to Christchurch and shortly after attained his 2nd Dan in 1988. Kyoshi was awarded a Karate Scholarship by Hanshi Renzie in 1990 to train under Seido Karate’s founder, Grandmaster Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura at Honbu New York City, USA which was a 6 week intensive period. He also trained with the late Shihan William Oliver during this time.

                                                                                                                                        Kyoshi Tony began competing in regional, national and international tournaments during the late 80’s and 90’s both in Kata, full-contact Kumite and points Kumite.


His successes include:-


Kyoshi Tony finished competing in kumite in 2002 with a 29 win - 3 loss record.


Kyoshi has a Trade Certificate in the building industry and holds a Diploma in Clinical Neuromuscular Therapy Massage. While he has worked with regional rugby teams and other sports, he now concentrates his energy towards triathletes with several World Champion clients.


Kyoshi Tony has a good knowledge of human movement and would like to help Karate students gain confidence in bag drills, kumite, and kata leaning toward tournament achievement.


Kyoshi Tony’s class runs on Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30pm


He has 2 wonderful children, son Falco and daughter Aleigha, and considers Seido karate a truly family value based system.